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V našem krámku se můžete vybavit doplňky HS které vznikají v dílnách českých výrobců. Design jsme vytvářeli v nadčasovém stylu a s láskou .



  •  We will prepare your skis on the first grinding machine in Rumburk.
  •   The computer-controlled grinding process of the whole pair of skis keeps constant pressure and shift to the grinding stone - grinding machine guarantees high accurancy and maximum grinding precision!
  •   We prepare skis on Swiss machines MONTANA, a brand associated with the quality and precision of ski and snowboard service.
  •   The computer-controlled grinding process of the whole pair of skis keeps constant pressure and skidding against the grinding stone - this grinding machine guarantees high precision and maximum grinding precision!
      Skiing is being prepared on Swiss machines MONTANA, a brand associated with the quality and precision of ski and snowboard service


1. Cleaning and repair of the skid
Grinding the surface of the skid on the grinding belt (80-100) without pressure is used to remove the old wax and highlight the required places for future repairs.
Mechanical cleaning of the damaged skid (scratches and striae) ensures perfect joining of the new melted P-tex material with the original skid.
2. Basic pre-grinding
The ideal optical plain of the skid and bottom edges is achieved only by grinding with a constant pressing and shifting speed.
As a rule, we use a basic linear structure of medium roughness. It serves to increase the material from the plain of the skid and edge (individually as needed) and also to remove the welded polyethylene.
3. Final grinding
On the ideally flat surface of the skid we "draw" the final structure once more by using abrasive stone with changin rotation of its speed, shift speed and rebuild surface structure - stone trimming with diamond.
Depending on the character of skis, we choose an adequate type of structure required - linear or combined.
We are also able to influence the shape, roughness, and slope of the individual "bananas" (the basic composition of the structure) on the basis of changing the parameters of the individual variables - cutting speed, diamond advance and speed, grinding speed of stone, feed rate, setting of the pressure curve for surface grinding.
The individual structures are divided into rough, medium and soft.
For combined structures (racing program) is important perfect smoothing of the surface, using lower grinding rotation-speed with minimal advance of the diamond and lower shift speed serves for perfect smoothing of the skid after basic pre-grinding and preparation for the race structure.
The racing structure is designed with only one-way grinding of the nose - tail, 1 cycle.


4. Angle of the side edge
The side edge angle depends on the type and character of the ski / snowboard use, the user experience and the hardness of the pad.
Side Angle Angling - basic angling is done with a sanding band in the range of 89 - 87 °, the correctly selected angle ensures perfect contact with the snow pad during the entire arc, depending on the character of the ski.
For racing service, the base edge is additionally polished with grinding stones - tuning the side edges, serving for the sharp edge of the edge edge and at the same time for its smoothing, ie erasing the trace of the abrasive tape.
5. Lower edge tuning
Constant deviation - Tuning the lower edge away from the pad is possible only on the basis of the exact plane of the skid and the edge, it serves to transmit the side edge angle on the snow pad, especially when riding the edge of the carving breve, prevents undue edge pruning.
Tuning the edges are performed in the range of 0.3 - 0.8 ° using parallel grinding stones with a constant angle of inclination, feed rate and pressure.
The amount of deflection depends on the number of grinding cycles or pressure shift.
6. Impregnation and polishing
The grinding itself is always a major interference in the pores of the skid, the basic impregnation is especially necessary for the deep protection of the pores and their elasticity.
The ideal wax application is through a thermal wax bath, thanks to which the skid is able to absorb as much as possible but also the tiniest amount of wax - in cold lubrication this ability is eliminated.
Removing excess wax from the surface of the skid is carried out mechanically using nylon brushes and / or polishing strips that are soft enough to not damage the top of the edge.
In the case of a well-chosen and executed skid structure, wax is understood only as a secondary process for impregnation, not as a way to achieve significant changes in skiing properties.
Structure is only a process that primarily determines the way and amount of water drained from the friction surface between the skid and the pad and influences both the speed of the ski and its handling.
Coolant - emulsion
All grinding is done only under pressurized water.
The amount and quality of coolant emulsion concentrate is a prerequisite for sufficent washing out abrasive waste from abrasive segments.
It increases the efficiency and quality of the grinding result.
Protects the steel edge against corrosion.


Why ski service?
perfect tool functionality (ski, snowboard). Only precision-prepared tools guarantee total fun on the slope
longer ski and snowboard life thanks to regular service
increased driving safety
Regular service is important
regular service is a prerequisite for bigger driving experiences, but also a higher level of safety for skiers, including longer ski and snowboard life
it is absolutely necessary that the ski and snowboard are serviced after the end of the winter season so that during the summer season the runners are protected against drying and the corrosion edge
continuous service should be performed with regard to the skiing frequency or the type of snow pad (natural snow, technical snow, iceberg) that directly affects the durability of the angled edge, including the surface area of ​​the base
even a new ski or snowboard needs service - an ideal example is the racing ski program, when 90% of the competitors leave the produced "semi-finished" ski and snowboard to reformat (comparison of the surface of the skid and bottom edges, the final structure, side edge angles, impregnation)
Professional sanding machine for ski and snowboard
maximum grinding of all skis and snowboards
computer-controlled structures - linear and cross-linked
uniform grinding of the surface of the base by means of a controlled pressure curve
MONTANA ski service - a 100% experience, as well as driving safety for skiers and snowboarders


  •  DMG 2003


DMG 2003Strojní vybavení
DMG 2003Strojní vybavení

DMG 2003